Report of Justice Claims Ontario First Nations ‘In Crisis’

A former Supreme Court justice, Frank Iacobucci, presented a report on Tuesday claiming that the Ontario’s First Nations are encountering a justice and jury system which is in complete state of crisis, and needs a critical revision. In his report, Iacobucci intensely condemned the current situation, while warning that the issues might endangering the relationships of aboriginals and non-aboriginals.

His report mentioned that “there is not only the problem of a lack of representation of First Nations peoples on juries that is of serious proportion.” It was elaborated that “It is also regrettably the fact that the justice system generally as applied to First Nations peoples, particularly in the north, is quite frankly.” During his research, Iacobucci allegedly observed that there is a direct state of absolute clash between the justice system and the philosophy and approach of native peoples. He explained that the native people are going through “systemic discrimination,” especially on the verdict of criminal justice or child services and the courts.

His report suggested that “what is desperately needed is action,” claiming that “doing nothing will be a profound shame especially when there has been a greater recognition throughout Canada of the tragic history of aboriginal people.” The jurist admitted that it is not his responsibility to investigate the larger justice system and its compatibility aboriginal socio-economic conditions, but he emphasized that it will be foolish to ignore the background scenario. He claimed that the poor representation on juries is just one warning sign of the crisis ahead.

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