Economist Praises Kenyan Polls, Describes As “Stabilizing”

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Dr. Lual A. Deng currently a Member of Parliament at the National Assembly and an Ex-Minister of Finance in then Khartoum government said the peacefully held elections should be emulated by South Sudanese and used as an example, saying it is “welcoming.”

He said despite the President elect-Uhuru Kenyatta facing the International Criminal Court (ICC) from crimes against humanity, a character that automatically makes him President Omar Al-Bashir’s friend, South Sudan should not regret of his leadership.

Lual who had one time met with Uhuru Kenyatta in an economic conference in Turkey and had chats on the economic relations in the region, said that, he does not suffer from the paranoid that Bashir will influence Uhuru of his negative interests on South Sudan, saying he views at the Kenyan successful elections as stabilizing factor.

“I see stability,” Lual said. “Uhuru Kenyatta was a Minister of Finance, he understands. He is also a business man. So he understands that looking beyond Kenya is important for Kenya’s prosperity and development. So he will continue with the economic policy of President Kibaki who is also an economist,” Lual said.

Asked on whether Kenya will not join Sudan with her politics on South Sudan since their leaders are facing charges by the ICC, Lual said; “I don’t think so because Bashir is boxed into a corner. If you are boxed into a corner what will you do. You can do the same thing even if I’m in his shoe I will do the same.”

“But for us South Sudan we need to try to move out from that mood. It is time especially for South Sudan we can not be fighting for all our life. We need some stability we need some inward looking development and address our own problem and we can not do this by suspecting our neighbours. We should really have a material attitude and mind our own business. In order to sustain our military might we should try to sustain our South Sudan. This is a generation that we must really try to have a nation building project so that we don’t make the mistakes,” he added.

“I don’t suffer from that paranoid attitude. Anything that will make Sudan stable is also a beneficial to us in South Sudan. Yes as I said we are a landlocked country so we should try as much as possible to have good relations with all of them-neighboring countries because it is of our interest to have stability to all us. We have seven surrounding countries, we should not have this Arab disease where they continue insulting Israel and all their problems are attributed to Israel,” Lual said.

South Sudan and Kenya politically, socially and economically have in number in sharing. Despite a number of Kenyans are in South Sudan especially working in the private sector, a number of South Sudanese in Kenya with others since before the Sudan and South Sudan civil war ended are also residing there.

South Sudan imports several manufactured goods and services from Kenya taking its critical challenge of lack of industries and factories. One of the key commodities also the infant nation import from Kenya is fuel which it uses to run both its public and private sectors.

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