Ministry To Expand State Youth Centre In Torit

State Officials tour Torit Youth Center Site. [Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

Earlier last month, the State Social Development, Culture, Youth and Sport Minister’s Patrick Lodinga Kotein who along with his Ministry Director General Simon Auwas Pidemoi and Ministry Director for Youth and Sports William Okot De Toby paid a brief visit to the construction site in order to witness the progresses.

Officials confirmed that the State Government through his Ministry and the project donor, HIV/AIDs Alliance have contracted Equatorial United Brothers Co. Ltd to undertake the constructions within a three-month.

The Managing Director for Equatorial United Brothers Company Chandiga Majid Bosco confirmed that everything including materials and cash to start the work was ready as the work started after necessary legal arrangements were done.

Lodinga stated the project’s purpose is to accommodate a number of social services ranging from VCT services, training services, consultation services, plus other social amenities which the centre deem necessary to offer.

The HIV/AIDs Alliance has allocated US $ 39,972 to enable completion of the ongoing construction for the Youth Friendly Centre in Torit between the Airstrip and Hotel Torit.

The Director General’s Auwas disclosed that Youth Friendly Centre will be of use because it will provide Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) Service saying that currently they are working closely with the State Ministry of Health to ensure the facility once completed will also provide other treatment services related to sexually transmitted diseases in addition to advisory service.

“Even in the future, services like Sexually Transmitted Treatments and management, including Laboratory services, referral system, recreational services and family planning services shall be introduced in the centre. It is going to be limited but other necessary services shall be incorporated by making it becoming multipurpose centre for EES youth,” he asserted. 

Initially in 2010, the Centre was constructed by Merlin Organization to provide similar VCT services, family planning services, training services, Consultation services, STI Treatment and management, Laboratory services, referral system, recreational services, among others.

However, according to the relevant leaders from the Ministry who appreciated the Merlin Organization for its initial contribution towards the facility, all the planned activities have not been implemented except it has only been used for training and other limited youth services provision.

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