NGOs urge United Nations to continue the hunt for Kony

Invisible Children along with other NGOs has called to resume the hunt for one of world’s most wanted men, LRA leader Joseph Kony. A formal request has been forwarded to the African Union, United States and Uganda to continue the search in Central African Republic.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is remembered for saying, when he was chairman of the senate Foreign Relations Committee: “I believe we can stop Joseph Kony if we focus on it intently, and we in the foreign relations committee are increasingly going to push our own government into recognizing that.”

However, the United States changed the agenda by announcing award money of $5-million on Kony and halting the search operation. Uganda and Washington said they were forced to retreat after rebels seized power in the capital, Bangui.

Felix Kulayigye, a spokesman for Ugandan military, said that Seleka, the rebel alliance that ousted Central African Republic president Francois Bozize, was reluctant to assist, hence the operation has been suspended.

“Seleka has not been co-operating with us since they took over power. We have been forced to suspend operations until further notice,” said Kulayigye.

The LRA has tormented and terrorized children across Uganda, the [Democratic Republic of Congo], the Central African Republic and South Sudan for over two decades.

“The LRA is broken down into small bands, scattered throughout dense jungle … controlling territory through tactics of fear and intimidation,” Kerry said. “We act today so there can be justice for the innocent men, women and children who’ve been subjected to mass murder, amputation, enslavement and other atrocities. Accountability is a pillar of the US atrocity prevention initiative.”

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