Stop Buying Eastern Gumbo Land: Commissioner Warns

The Commissioner of Juba County, Hon. Stephen Wani warns communities against purchasing land from eastern Gumbo. [Gurtong]

The warning comes as a result of reports of many people rushing to purchase land in the area at a fee of SSP 1,200 from unauthorized people, whom the commissioner described as land grabbers. 

Commissioner Wani said that after the Miyasaba land (Kemiru) incidence that claimed lives last year, the same people crossed to eastern Gumbo and started grabbing land there.

The area of Miyasaba has since remained a threat to both the state and the national government according to Wani. 

He said that an area of about six kilometers has been grabbed and that the grabbers are selling off the land.

He accused the land grabbers of establishing an administration that extorts money from the unsuspecting people.

Wani said that those who are selling land in the area are land grabbers and urged communities not to buy land from the area.

“They have demarcated six kilometers on their own despite the fact that I went there twice and told them what they are supposed to do,” he said.

Wani said that he briefed the State Legislative Assembly about it, saying the National Assembly is also aware of what is taking place in Gumbo.

He said he called the grabbers to his office twice but they did not comply, adding that the some of them were arrested but were forcefully removed from the police custody by their friends and relatives.

“They were arrested and removed by force from the custody,” he said. The commissioner said they lack enough police force to implement their programmes and that the culture of grabbing land has made it difficult to plan the city.

Wani advised that the communities to follow the right procedure of acquiring land.

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