Mother Loses Two Children After Delivering Quadruplets At Juba Teaching Hospital

Mohamed Alhaj Baballa, the Juba Mayor visited the woman at the Hospital and donated the cash on behalf of the governor. [Waakhe Simon Wudu]

The Central Equatoria State Governor Clemen Wani Konga has donated 5,000 South Sudan Pounds to support the mother even as two of children died due to lack of power at the Hospital

Mrs. Asha Fred on Friday had given birth to the quadruplet unfortunately two of the children passed away due to lack of facilities at the hospital.

Mohamed Alhaj Baballa, the Juba Mayor visited the woman at the Hospital and donated some cash to the mother on behalf of the governor.

“As the Mayor of the city, these are my people, my children. I have come here to see the mother and to encourage her and give her some little help,” Baballa told Gurtong. “On behalf of my Governor Clement Wani Konga I have just come and gave the lady some small help a tune of 5,000 SSP to help her,” he added.

“The way I saw her she really needs help. And of course that is not the first help. When she needs help we will give her,” he added. Baballa also pulled some 200 SSP and handed to the husband for fueling the generator.

Since Sunday, following the break down of the Hospital’s generator, Fred Nyadir, the father to the quadruplet is using his private generator now in the hospital fueling it in order to keep the remaining babies alive.

Baballa regretted the lack of facilities in the hospital. “The lack of facilities, we have the doctors but no facilities. For example when I came to the room it was very hot and small,” Baballa said.

Juba Teaching Hospital is a national institution which is under the responsibility of the national government.

Fred has requested for assistance from willing persons.

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