South Sudan Clarifies On Powers Withdrawn From VP Machar

Dr. Barnaba Marial clarified the misconception of the order issued by the President adding that Dr. Riek Machar is still the Vice President and has all powers as stipulated in the Transitional Constitution.[Gurtong | File]

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dr. Benjamin Barnaba Marial who is also the official spokesperson of the government has told the media that the president has not axed his vice as many may think but rather removed his own duties he had assigned to is deputy.

“We would like to clarify the order of the President of the Republic of South Sudan with regard to the withdrawal of all duly powers which were designated to the Vice President of the Republic by the President,” he said.

“Now what happens sometimes the President will assigned some of his duties for the Vice President to carry out so the president issues an order to transfer these duties of his he entrusted to the Vice President for him to continue implement on behalf of the President,” he added.

In what he clarified, the minister said the president had issued an order giving the vice president some of his duties and has only withdrawn them without hampering with his constitutional duties.

He says in the constitution, there are duties and responsibilities of the president and his vice and that the order is within the privileges of the president.

“Now the President has also the right and the privilege at a timeframe of his choosing to withdraw these duties that he has assigned back to his token and that is what has happened. Still Riek Machar is the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan with all his assignments which are assigned to him in the constitution,” Marial told reporters.

“What has happened were the duties of the President which the President had given to Vice President which he has now recalled these duties of his to his token,” the minister added.

On Monday evening, the president issued an order removing some of the duties and responsibilities the Vice President has been doing.

The Vice President of the Republic shall be restricted to exercise and discharge only his powers as stipulated in accordance with the provisions of Article 105 (a), (b) and (c) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011A.D,” read the Order in part. The Order took effect on April 15, 2013.

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