Peacekeeper Helps With Teaching At Dr John Garang University

Lt. Col. Saurabh Mishra teaching the students of Dr. John Garang University [ Jacob Achiek Jok]

The university in memory of the late Dr. John Garang is the only university in Jonglei state. 

Speaking to Gurtong at the University on Friday, Commander Lt. Col. Saurabh Mishra said he teaches technical knowledge in various subjects as the university is facing shortage of teaching staff owing to the limited number qualified personnel.

Mishra said Dr. Aggrey A. Majok, the Vice Chancellor of the university had requested the Commander of Indian army (UNMISS contingency) to provide volunteer teaching service to the university students.

“Accordingly, keeping with the policy of UNMISS, to enable the local Government and government owned institutions, the Commander of the Indian battalion-two (UNMISS) has directed me as the Veterinary officer to conduct lectures in the university,” he said.

Mishra has been conducting guest-lectures for the final year students at the department of animal production.

He said that the students have been taught the principles of animal management, common diseases and their prevention and treatment and latest advents in veterinary science.

“The students are also given practical training at the Indian battalion veterinary clinic at Negil, in Bor which is being run as a welfare activity by the UNMISS peacekeepers in Jonglei state,” Mishra added.

Mishra said that the constructive engagement of the youth (students) in better animal husbandry practices is well appreciated by the local civil administration.

The Commander of Indian Contingency at Bor UNMISS compound has promised the continuation of such help to the University in future.

Dr. Majok is full praises of the Indian who helps in teaching animal husbandry to the students.

“That is good. Whatever little you get from any corner is good. In actual fact, there is a young Indian that is giving lectures in the area of animal production. I appreciate that because we are not paying anything,” Majok told Radio Miraya. 

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