Minister Launches Emergency Road Repairs

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Speaking to the press during the road repair launch, Clement Juma Mbugoniwia, said that they were unable to carry their roads equipments from Madebe to do the work in Yambio.

He said the ministry employed the local people to dig the trench and cutting one of the bad locations that hindered movement between Yambio town and Masia Market to maintain good drainage.

The manual labour was employed to dig five meters trench for 60 South Sudanese pounds affordable for the ministry.

More than 10 young men were at work.

He added that when the drainage is done, the next step will be to fill the space with murram and raise the level using heavy machines.

Mr. Mbugoniwia encouraged the people to do some voluntary work when the government has no resources because the ministry is going to keep the record of the people who offer themselves to serve their nation.

He stated that the road was becoming impassable due to heavy rains.

The minister promised that they are lobbying partners like UNMISS to help in the rehabilitation of Yambio town main road where the conditions are very critical.

He said if when the ministry’s road equipments reach Yambio, they will work forward to tackling other badly affected parts of the main road within Yambio town.

The minister further revealed that the same work had been done between Madebe and Ibba with other partners where the conditions became very critical and dangerous for the movement between Yambio and other cities in Central Equatoria State.

He urged all citizens to look after the internal roads in the residential areas where the government had already surveyed and demarcated.

The local community expressed their gratitude for the maintenance of the dangerous spot where people had accidents and lost property.

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