Two Killed, 1 Wounded During Bor Raid

Bor County Commissioner Agot Alier Leek this morning said that one of the bandits had been confirmed dead after the criminals’ clashed with armed youth near Mareng Boma where cattle raiders from Pibor County made an attack.

The commissioner said the local youth clashed with the raiders but they failed to take the cattle and got dispersed leaving one person dead.

“The raiders were dispersed and one of them got killed, he was confirmed actually as bandit from Pibor County,” Alier has said.

He said the other person passed way while at the hospital yesterday evening.

“They wounded two people and they were brought to the state main hospital in Bor but unfortunately one person who sustained serious injury passed away in the hospital,” Agot told Journalists this morning.

The county commissioner said it is not the only incident.

“In the last two weeks, they have been increasing attacks in different areas of different payams; abducting children and raiding cattle and killing and wounding innocent people,” he said adding that the “police rushed to the scene of the clashes but they didn’t take part in the clashes because they went after the situation was controlled by the youth.”

The commissioner said the government will promote peace in the area by delivering the services to boost development that may actually bring peace among their communities.

Agot said that they need to provide an answer to the problem of child abductors who always mostly come from Pibor County, and cattle raiders which always resulted into killing of innocent people.

“This problem has to be settled, it is not the entire population of Pibor County but these are some of the criminals that have adopted this culture of abducting children, raiding cattle. It is more of a culture than hobby to them which they will have to do,” he said.

The commissioner said that they have to work very hard to resettle the communities that were displaced by Murle bandits in their different locations in the state or other parts of South Sudan to return back to their homes areas.

“We are actually still to continue pursuing this policy of resettling back the population to their villages, that is a function which we are to go on with,” he said.

He appreciated the Pibor County commissioner for trying his level best to restore peace.

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