Liberals Demand More Transparency after Wallin Audit Report

In light of the ongoing spending scandal that has engulfed entire Red Chambers and all its members, Liberal Party representatives acted out on Wednesday appreciating the audit of Sen. Pamela Wallin that asked her to payback an amount of $121,348 in lieu of wrongly acquired travel expenses.

Liberal Sen. James Cowan stressed that he thinks even greater transparency is required in both the Senate and House of Commons, and the matter shall be pursued as soon as Parliament resumes its work this fall. He insisted that stricter rules regarding expenses will be enacted for Liberal senators and MPs. Speaking to reporters, he stated that “it’s not enough anymore to simply say Senate business (on expenses.” The figure of $121,348 was calculated through an independent audit conducted by Deloitte, which showed that Senator Wallin wrongly claimed travel expenses for business-related trips and partisan fundraisers, along with regular stops in Toronto while flying between Ottawa and Saskatchewan, i.e. her home province.

Consequently, the Senate also concluded that Wallin’s travel shall be restricted only to direct or immediate connecting flights between Ottawa and Saskatchewan, while they monitor her travel claims for a period of one year. Senator Cowan pointed out on Wednesday that the Deloitte audit cost taxpayers $127,000, but mentioned that it was still “a cost worth spending.” He stressed that “I think we will learn from this,” because “there may be some changes that are necessary in our rules and procedures as a result.”

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