South Korean Peacekeepers Hold U.N. Medal Parade

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The occasion conducted at UNMISS compound of the republic of Korea horizontal military engineering company was attended by state government representatives led by Gabriel Gai Riem the acting Governor and the UNMISS force Commander, Maj Gen. Delali Johnson Sakyi and some other members of UNMISS.

The force commander said that this marks the sixth year anniversary of the end of the Korean War.

“It was a war that shows the United Nations troops go on a major offensive alongside other multi-national forces. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the entry of the republic of South Korea into the United Nations peacekeeping operation,” Maj. General Sakyi disclosed.

Delali was very delighted for the deep concern as a peacekeeper within the United Nations for the recognition of individual effort that brought peace in parts of the world.

“As a peacekeeper myself, I am aware that it is always with a great delight some time in a point of deep emotion, we want to be recognized for the group and individual effort they play in bringing in the peace to the parts of the world,” Delali said.

He said the contingent of dedicated and well organized men was induced into south Sudan on 1 May 2013 with main body arriving on 2 April to a largely new challenging environment of South Sudan.

He appreciates the state authorities for the support and cooperation extended to the other UNMISS military contingents.

The Acting Governor and Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Gabriel Gai Riam has said that are very happy for what the Korean army contingent forces have done while they have spend only few month in Jonglei state.

“We have witnessed a very wonderful and effective work during the rehabilitation of roads and also they assist us in aerial assessment that we have conducted in recent time,” he said.

In July, the contingent in Bor undertook various projects aimed at upgrading the infrastructure around the state capital of Jonglei.

Thirty-five Korean engineers, as well as excavators, bulldozers, motor-graders and road-rollers are currently deployed to carry out the construction of the parking area scheduled to be completed in February 2014.

According to a UNMISS, this construction work comes following a request of the state government for assistance in road repair.

The Korean engineers had also started work on a waste disposal site in April, eight kilometres northeast Bor in an effort to improve local hygiene and keep the environment clean.

The efforts of UNMISS Korean engineers are part of making improvements in the vital areas of hygiene and sanitation, and will help to transform the lives of the people in Bor.

Roads and transport are key to stabilization and peace-building in South Sudan.

Upgrading infrastructure will help establish the conditions for development benefiting all the people of Jonglei state.

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