New South Sudan Cabinet Urged To First Study Citizens’ Needs

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Wadeng Adyang Jago, a social researcher at the state ministry of Gender and Social Welfare said if the census and statistical information is not known by the authorities, then service delivery won’t be perfect.

Jago urged the new cabinet to work for the nation adding that they must conduct research on service delivery to the people.

The researcher asked the people of South Sudan to lower their expectations and wait patiently on the achievements the government may bring forward.

He said that many South Sudanese want to see development happening so rapidly without growing slowly.

Jago asked the government to conduct possible statistics and census adding that “such pieces of information are very important in helping the implementation of the government policies.”

He advised the people of South Sudan that new ministers are not machines to come and generate development with their own energies.

Jago said the cabinet should utilize the first 6 months in office only on research and findings on what the citizens need from the government.

He said you cannot serve a person in the best way unless you know what they like.

An academician and the head of educational sciences department in Upper Nile University Ustaz Samuel Mojwok said there are many needs to be studied and verified.

Mojwok said nobody can serve people on the needs assumption.

Mojwok said that the needs can be different depending on what that community thinks as their priority.

Meanwhile in Juba, the new national Information and Broadcasting Minister Michael Makuei Lueth pledged to work hand in hand with staff at the ministry to improve the working conditions.

He also promised to explore possibilities of better compensation for staff working under risky conditions such television and radio technicians who are exposed to electromagnetic radioactivity.

The new minister made these pledges on Tuesday when he visited the South Sudan Radio premises currently under construction at Bulluk and the transmission station at Gumbo.

He also promised to work on plans to increase the manpower with qualified cadre to deliver quality services across the 10 states of South Sudan.

He said the plan for recruitment of the new staff would be executed once the ongoing construction projects of South Sudan Radio and Television are completed.

Hon Makuei also acknowledged the good work of his predecessors including the late Dr Samson Kwaje, Gabriel Changson Chang, Paul Mayom and Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin.

He commended their efforts to develop media in South Sudan. He said he will work to ensure the establishment of a public broadcaster in the country.

The Gender, Child and Social Welfare Minister Hon. Awut Deng Acuil urged the staff at her ministry to embrace teamwork if they are to record any meaningful success.

While being officially received at the ministry, Acuil said the work at the ministry is massive and called for commitment and dedication.

One of the major tasks of the ministry, she said, is tackling the problem of street children. She said her ministry will have to work with all players and the 10 state’s ministries of Social Development in order to team up efforts to address the issue.

After the meeting, Hon. Acuil visited the Physical Rehabilitation Centre (PRC), Rejaf School for the Blind and the Deaf along Nimule roads as well as the proposed ministry building along Yei road.

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