Cabinet Members Advised To Join Private Sector If They Fail To Secure Position During Reshuffle

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Last Friday, the Governor presided over an extraordinary Council of Ministers held at the state Secretariat general for the government, with a sole purpose to briefly familiarize the cabinet members along with Chairpersons of state respective Commissions on the impact of the imminent dissolution of Ministries and Commissions with subsequent reshuffles of both.

Underscoring the need for the leaders to contribute in development if some of them happen to be removed as a national decision will compel the governor to, Hon. Lobong advised them that if happens or if some of them are affected, they must continue to cooperate and understand that what happens is a national decision but not himself the governor or as an individual.

He also appealed to his present cabinet to immediately help engaging themselves with commitment in private commercial activities as a means to sustain development the state while working together to support the going as far as development is concerned in the state.

During the Cabinet extraordinary meeting, the state governor Lobong informed members the upcoming reduction of the Ministerial positions though he exactly did not elaborate further on how he will reduce the said ministries and Commissions and in which date the action will be done.

The state spokesperson Felix Otuduha Siro told the press after the meeting that the governor briefed the cabinet on the need to reduce the government by relieving some ministers and commissions’ chairpersons.

He advised the state public that the pending reshuffle will be a normal political practice being done nationwide and not only in Eastern Equatoria State.

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