Flood Victims Receive Basic Support

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Residents of New Site residential area received the support through ‘Buk rot Kony’ CBO in collaboration with State Ministry of Water Corporation and Rural Development with support from UNICEF.

The CBO distributed four pieces of washing soap for promoting basic hygiene and 10 pieces of water-guard to each person affected that shall be used to treat their drinking water which is believed to be fetched from nearby streams and local wells.

Speaking to Gurtong in an exclusive interview, the director of Buk rot Kony, Francis Ngong Makak says his CBO had conducted an assessment after having learnt the flood outbreak at New Site residential area in Aweil Town.

Ngong further adds that his organization had earlier extended humanitarian field assessment up to Bar-Mayen of Aweil Centre County where they distributed some basic humanitarian assistance to those who were previously displaced by internal conflict in Wau’s Jur River County of Western Bahr el Ghazal state and came to Aweil Centre seeking temporary settlement.

“As a local CBO ready to deliver services to our community, we are always very sensitive and alert throughout our times and stay ready to respond to cases of any outbreak. For this issue we were told through local chiefs in the area that there were damages caused by this flood and that the humanitarian situation is worsening, hence we had to come and intervene. The basic support we are distributing today comes as a support from UNICEF through state Ministry of Water Corporation and Rural Development whom we are working in partnership,” he discloses.

Moreover, the residential area chief, Wieu Lual Wieu, says the community highly recognizes the basic support provided by Buk rot Kony and that the support shall help residents from contracting of water borne diseases.

“This NGO has really uplifted our efforts from zero levels, we were almost contracting water borne diseases within the last few days but now we are going to be okay. These pieces of soap and water guard shall be used to upgrade our hygienic promotion and that the beneficiaries are going to help themselves with these basic equipments,” Wieu expressed.
On the other hand, one of the residents who also praised the hospitality of the Buk rot Kony local organization said that she also appeals for the provision of mosquito nets and tents in order to resist terrible situation of malaria that they see alarming.

“We hope these distributed materials will make difference in our lives and that the situation is not going to be same ever. The other thing we feel as a concern is the issue of malaria; we cannot resist malaria if we do not have mosquito’s nets or tents. We are again appealing to our government or any pitiful humanitarian organization to rescue our kids by just either distributing to us some tents or mosquito nets,” Ajok Wol, one of the flood affected residents in New Site expressed.

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