Poll Shows Most Quebecers like Charter of ‘Quebec Values’

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A recently conducted survey has revealed that majority of Quebecers actually support the idea behind Charter of Quebec Values, but they are not of the opinion that it will actually help in solving any problems in the province. The poll conducted by Leger Marketing on Friday and Saturday, i.e. more than a few days after all details of a new secular values law were reported on all mainstream news sources, showed some striking results.

The poll showed that sheer majority of 57 percent of Quebecers think that the proposed Charter of Quebec values is a good idea aimed at protecting the values of Quebecers, however only 48 percent were found to believe that it will rather create more bickering and disagreements, with even lesser 28 percent believing that this new law will help in actually solving any of the problem of religious accommodation.

An alarming difference was visible between the response of francophones and those of other ethnic groups, as 65 percent of francophones stated that the Charter is a good idea, in opposition to which 62 percent of anglophones and 51 percent of allophones disagreed. On the other hand, only 27 percent of francophones stated that the law banning to wear religious symbols in government offices would limit individual freedoms, while 61 percent of anglophones said that was a limitation on freedom. Quite comparably, 65 percent of francophones though that the Charter would protect Quebec Values, to which 19 percent of anglophones and 39 percent of allophones agreed.

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