Police Urged To Remain Committed In Discharging Duties

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The commissioner spoke during a training seminar for South Sudan National Police Service reporting workshop organised by the Engility in partnership with UNDP/UNPOL with the main objective to realize strengthening South Sudan national police service reporting standards in Eastern Equatoria State.

The leader emphasized the importance of respecting rules by the targets (police officials) and they must take the lead in demonstrating role model when discharging their obligations and roles.

He equally underscored the importance of his forces to maintain discipline and demonstrate professionalism.

The leader disclosed he has noted many indiscipline issues among the junior officials therefore, a need to be on alert remains a key factor.

The training drew more than 40 police officers from the eight counties and the headquarters targeted administrative and crime officers so as to efficiently and effectively gain appropriate skills on information led policing, roles and responsibilities of chief county inspectors and administrative officers as well as crime record officers and the periodic crime reporting requirement at county and state level.

According to the UNDP’s Annet Nabagala, the training was key component as it oriented all the County Chief Inspectors on their role and what is expected of them as police commanders, offering guidance on the various types of periodic reports to be submitted by the county police to the state police thereafter the relevant authorities.

The training was enhancing the capacity of crime record and administrative officers to prepare them on specific South Sudan National Police Service reporting mechanism.

Describing it as a crucial training, the state Commissioner Maj. Gen. Danima elaborated that the latest training took his administration 7 months for planning it.

He noted that it has been a challenge in the side of report writing among many of his officers as he cited lack proper skills and knowledge on techniques saying the workshop became paramount of importance.

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