Performance Contracts Will Be Extended To All States: VP Igga

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Speaking at the 3rd Governors’ forum in Juba, Igga called all the Governors to cooperate on implementing the policy once its implementation comes to place.

The performance contract, Igga explained, will hold any civil servant accountable on his work, a move he said aimed at bettering service delivery in the country.

“Every Minister is going to have an undertaking with the President. He or she is going to sign a contract regarding the fulfillment of the projects he or she must have come up with. Then at the end of the year there is going to be a very big gathering where all the stakeholders and senior government officials will present a report,” he explained.

“Then if he or she the minister has not performed the expectations of the projects he or she has come up with in the beginning of the contracts then it will involve some sanctions and penalties,” said the Vice President.

He further said that if a minister has performed the projects then there will be some rewards before the public so that every effort is rewarded so that those who are lazy they are exposed.

Igga said Ministers will sign contracts with the President, Undersecretaries with Ministers and the hierarchy follows up to the bottom with messengers signing contracts with head messengers.

“And so governors you are expected to do the same,” Igga said. 

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