Security Workshop Conducted In Jonglei

Livestock Patrolling Unit (LPU) officers during a past meeting at Malou. The unit is mandated to implement protect lives and property. [File]

The Standard Action Liaison Focus (SALF) conducted a two-day workshop in collaboration with the state government for the stakeholders’ forum on security.

Standard Action Liaison Focus is non-profit making organization formed in the year 2000 to address issues of social security, justice and peace including element of livelihood and advocacy.

Lony Ruot, the president of the Standard Action Liaison Focus says the workshop was to enhance citizen’s participation in promoting democracy and aspiration towards peace and security, freedom and rule of law.

“As we work we have our values that we follow one of them we are independent; we are non political, we don’t take sides in our operation. We just serve humanity; we respect law and all the human rights in an environment that is friendly,” Lony said.

He said that as they work with the communities, they recognize communities’ traditional institutions, their cultures and dignity.

Their mandate emerges for needs to normalize relationship between security forces and citizens to avoid mistrust.

The organization also works on how to ensure maintenance of peace, respect of human rights and rule of law to ensure that there is participatory approach between the communities and the government.

All the Non-governmental organizations, Community base organization, youth and state government officials including the acting governor Gabriel Gai Riam participated in the workshop.

The workshop focused on access to justice, security, civic awareness and engagement bases in Pibor, Ayod, Fangak and Bor counties.

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