Minister Reiterates Tougher Measures On Monitoring Budget Execution

South Sudan’s Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Elia Lomuro [Gurtong]

He told Radio Miraya that, all the Ministers are expected to produce a report to the cabinet, and the reports will immediately go to the performance management review committee in the office of the President.

The Committee will examine the reports and report to the President on how the execution of the budget by the agencies is going on.

“Both the president and the cabinet affairs are monitoring,” Lomuro said.

Last month, Lomuro told Gurtong that South Sudan’s government was about to finish scrutinizing the work force in the public sector, a move he said aimed at laying off incompetent staff.

“The scrutiny would find out exactly how many Director Generals are in a Ministry, Directors, cashiers, and accountants are qualified,” he said.

Also last month, the office of the President announced an introduction of a performance contract, a new reform aimed at improving service delivery.

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