Aweil IDP Centres Alarming: RRC

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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According to Deng, the IDPs are not only suffering from poor drinking water, food and other basic things but also major infectious diseases. 

Deng said: ““As they left their original homes for this new area, they are facing numerous problems but the main problem is the lack of safe drinking water for them.”

“Here in Aweil centre county especially Jol-wan, there are these residents who are desperately in need of safe drinking water. They left their residential areas because of this fly that bits them and causes a disease call OV.”

Deng also said humanitarian situation there also is challenging especially when it comes to good drinking water for them. He appealed to humanitarian organizations for quick intervention in rescuing them.

More than 200 persons were displaced by Tsetse flies, from Kuru to Jol-wan.  as the new residence.

A resident in Kuru, Muman Zubeir says he left Kuru for Jal-wan because of Tsetse flies and lack of farming land in the area.

“I left kuru because we where there were more Tsetse flies there. Another reason was that there were no fertile lands that encourage agricultural farming for us there.” Zubeir said.

The situation of IDPS at Jol-wan is not conducive either as the residents face with clean drinking water shortage.

Mr. Deng Atem described the IDPs’ condition as at critical and needs immediate response from Humanitarian Organizations.

According to the UN, at least 700,000 people have been displaced and property and lives have been lost in the 7-week crisis in South Sudan.

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