MPs Demand Post Service Benefits

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Members of Parliament (MPs) at all levels in the Republic of South Sudan are supposed to be accordingly remunerated with their constitutional benefits, taking into consideration period after 2010 general elections.

Some states have been already paid but those of EES are yet to receive any benefits according to the state parliamentary speaker Hon. Emmanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi.

 “Already some states in the Republic of South Sudan have their respective dues (payments) of their respective former parliamentarians who served in the interim government prior to independence, finalized,” he said.

To legally follow these payments, the state governor Louis Lobong Lojore has constituted a Committee tasking it to go to Juba and start follow-up procedures so that the national government could process the benefits of the former MPs.

“We are not yet very clear on what items are to be paid. … I hope the dispatched committee will come with clear message on the items paid to the members from other states so as to be applied in EES for claims,” said Ocholimoi. 

Led by the chairperson of Public Accounts finance and Economic Development committee, Hon. Dominic Otwari Theodore, the formed Committee comprises of the state Finance Ministry’s Director General Mr. Alfred Kayumba Tugul and the clerk of the state Assembly plus other two members to be incorporated. 

On Thursday, Hon. Ocholimoi met the state governor to discuss the matter regarding payments, hospitality allowance included.

The speaker added that for the last five years, starting from 2010 until now, all the members have not been receiving their benefits to help them. 

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