Youth Leader Urges Religious Leaders To Play Greater Role

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Paul Akol Kordit, also a member of the SPLM political bureau made the appeal during a rally at Nyakuron Cultural Centre on Wednesday.

The rally was organized by Church Friendship Group with support from the SPLM Youth League. It aimed at rallying support for peaceful settlement of the current crisis in South Sudan following the “coup attempt” mid December 2013.

He thanked church leaders for their role in promoting the image of South Sudan and preaching peace. He also hailed   youth friendship church leaders for their role during South Sudan referendum and in election in 2010.

“I thank all churches who gather here to hear the messages from us – church played positive role in South Sudan crisis,” he said.

“Church should advocate for peace and reconciliation. We got our (July 9, 2011) independent through Church prayers. We are the ruling party who fear God.  We have defeated the rebels in Jesus name. South Sudan, as a new country still needs stability so that development and basic services reach people in their remote areas.”

His also condemned the killing of church mothers in Jonglei state. “We fear God – we respect human right – and as the ruling party, (SPLM), the people’s party.  Pray for us to always make a right decision that would build you schools, hospitals, kill corruption and promote trust among us so that South Sudan remains united and free from tribal affliction,” the youth leader said.

Daniel Awet Akot, former deputy speaker of national parliament, a senior member of SPLM political Bureau and a deputy chairman of the Crisis Management Committee (CMC) reiterated the call for calm and stability.

“We do not need bloodshed – we need peace. Do not quarrel with your brother – do not fight for power struggle of one man interest. Nation first and your patriotism is above all tribes,” said Akot.

He cited seven weaknesses that require correction in South Sudan. Business without ethic, pleasures without caution, knowledge without character, technologies without humanity, wealth without sweat, politics without principal and religion without sacrifice according to Hon. Agot are the root causes of the current challenges.

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