NBGS Residents Urged To Shun Unregistered Schools

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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“I would like to let the public know that there are lots of inconsistent and unlicensed schools which deceitfully advertise to bamboozle school fees from children while their legal operations and education status is not fully setup,” he warned. 

According to the state education ministry, recent assessment made by its inspection department shows almost all private schools have not complied with the call to demolish their grass-thatched schools.

“As I told you this week, I had met with the representatives of private schools amidst the opening of schools and even last year to clarify the position of the ministry that we can’t allow any school to operate in Shargania or udek but this has not been respected,” he said.

“Some school owners went ahead and started registering new and old students yet they did not change their premises nor did they legalize their education status. This is not a joke!”

He warned that whoever does not refrain and finalize legal status of his/her school shall face due consequences. 

The minister said he does not want to take blame from the public and especially those parents who will fall victim to such unregistered schools.

The minister said a foreign private school owner last year opened a private school in one of the residential areas, collected fees and disappeared, leaving the parents angry with his ministry.

There are about 30 private schools in NBGS; half of them are owned by foreigners. Most of them operate in local grass-thatched classrooms.

All the unlicensed schools have been urged to register with the state education ministry or face permanent closure.

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