WBGS Civil Servants Get 100% Salary Pays: Minister

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Speaking at the press conference on Thursday, Ms. Lilian Valentino Rizik said state civil servants are now receiving their full salaries since the national government restored back the 45% which was cut off two years ago following adoption of austerity measures.

“After the long period of austerity measures, the national government through oil revenue managed to re-establish its financial status as all states have received their chapter (I) which is used for paying their civil servants’ salary fully,” said Ms. Rizik.

The minister however noted that there will be no house allowance or any other work related payment to state classified staff.  “The national government has this time round considered those working at the national level and living within Juba and their living average need rent and other services,” she said. 

The salaries however usually take more than a month before being released to the civil servants.

The minister said the political crisis which started mid-December last year has taken the technical personnel at the ministry back to square one.

She said the government will continue to pay civil servants’ salaries on time and full always.

According to the finance minister, most of the country’s resources including development grants are channeled to security for consolidation of calm and peace across the nation which she said might affect the lifting of the austerity measures. 

“Let us hope and support the government in the process for stabilization of security because the ‘coup attempt’ has unenthusiastic repercussion to our young economy directly,” said Ms Rizik. 

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