Pooja Missra performs wearing Umair Zafar’s costume

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. VJ, actress and model Pooja Missra realized this recently when she had to do an impromptu performance at a
Bollywood film party. Pooja required a special outfit suitable for the performance which had to be fabricated within a few hours. So she called her
friend fashion designer Umair Zafar who agreed to do the outfit for Pooja though it was at a very last minute and almost at a moment’s notice.

Says Pooja, “It was a last minute performance as the producer informed me just one day before. We hardly rehearsed for the performance but it went off perfectly without a hitch.” Speaking about her interaction with fashion designer Umair Zafar, Pooja Missra adds, “Umair is a great man and a
fabulous designer. He is a magician. Bollywood needs designers and stylists like Umair Zafar who can handle the pressures and pace of such last minute work. The outfit was trendy and something which I had in mind. It suited my act perfectly and I thank Umair for helping me at the last moment. The performance too went off well and I could hear people shouting Once More, Once More.”

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