EES Mourns Speaker As Government Declares A 3-Day Bereavement

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Hon. Emmanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi suddenly died of blood pressure on Tuesday morning at the age of 56.

“We are deeply moved by his death. We join his family, friends and relatives in mourning his demise,” the state government spokesperson Clement Laku Chichim said.

“While serving as commander in the SPLA during the 21 years of South Sudanese struggle, the late speaker was full of energy and love for his country. We have lost a great man at a time when his family and the government of EES needed him most.”

The state governor Louis Lobong Lojore who joined fellow mourners declared a 3-day mourning starting from Tuesday to Thursday 20th February. All institutions in the state have been urged to fly their national flags at half mast in honour of the late speaker of parliament.

Businesses in Torit abruptly came to a standstill with the news of the death of the speaker. Government, NGOs offices and schools were temporarily suspended as all roads led to the late speaker’s residence in Torit.

The late Hon. Speaker Ocholimoi unexpectedly passed away of blood pressure, this morning. State officials said the leader was shortly admitted at the state civil Hospital before his sudden death at about 5.00pm in Torit Capital.

The state government officials have expressed grief commenting that the Speaker’s death has created big vacuum at both the state and the nation level. Following the 2010 general elections, the late speaker was the state Assembly Speaker until his death on Tuesday.

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