Western States Vow To Repair Major Route

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Governments of Western Equatoria (WES) and Western Barh el Ghazel (WBGS) states have pledged an urgent commitment to repair the deteriorating Wau-Tambura road as the rainy season approaches..

The road has large potholes and local bridges in deplorable condition which affect easy flow of goods and services between the two states.

On Monday, WBGS Deputy Governor also state minister of Physical Infrastructure Zackaria Joseph Garang, the state advisor on economy Hon. Livio Buhara and the Director General of roads Eng. David Jerome Utho visited WES.

They met with the WES Physical Infrastructure state Minister Hon. Clement Juma Mbugoniwia on Tuesday and discussed plans to repair the road connecting the two states.

The two ministers after their meeting came up with a joint assessment plan with their technical personnel to assess the most damaged areas on the road which need urgent maintenance.

The assessment teams joined by the ministers on Tuesday inspected the road from Tambura to Wau as the technical committee measured the most affected areas which must be attended to immediately.

“This is the beginning after the two state governors; Rizik Zachariah and Joseph Bakasoro discussed over the issue,” said Mbugoniwia.

“Once our technical committee comes forward with their report, the two governors who initiated the project will sell it to other neighbouring states that are benefiting from this road.

“However, we do not have enough man power or resources to do this work. It will be easy if our technical committee comes up with the report and the bill of quantity so that we can even present it to the national government and our neighboring states for support.

“We feel pressure that if this road gets out of our hands during the rainy season, it is us to suffer much because economically, WE, WBG, NBG states and Abyei area depend on it,” Mbugoniwia explained.

According to the minister, when Wau-Tombura road is cut off, the price of commodities will shoot up especially if such commodities are not obtainable from within.

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