Diocesan HIV Department Scales Up AIDS Awareness Campaign

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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One of the field officers, James Nunguruyo said they gathered about 375 people of Nadiangere to educate them on the realities about HIV/AIDS; how to attract, prevention measures and the dangers of getting the disease.

He said they displayed an HIV/AIDS educative Video show as part of the awareness campaign.

Nadiangere communities welcomed the campaign but complained about the lack of Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre, public awareness and access to treatment.

The residents said the distance between Nadiangere Payam and the county headquarters is very long (105 miles) which makes it difficult for the patients to travel for treatment.

The field officer said the major challenge to visiting Nadiangere is poor road condition especially during the rainy season. He urged all the partners working in the field of HIV/AIDS to extend the available services to all the remote areas during the dry season.

He revealed that they are hoping to deploy a team of counsellors to go with the testing kits to Nadiangere at least for three days in the upcoming month.

Mr. Nunguruyo said they formed a new support group of people living with the virus with seven active members and another group of youth called post testing club who would continue with the exercise of awareness to the rest of the communities.

He advised everybody to go for testing and know the status before agreeing on marriage issues. He added that the next program shall be distribution of Food and Non-Food Items to all the support groups.

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