Governor Has No Connection With Missing Money: Spokesperson

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Hon. Jackline Nyibol Benjamin Ajonga in her press conference held at the state’s ministry of information on Tuesday, denied any link of the governor to the stolen money.

“These are unfounded allegations claimed by some individuals who want to spoil the image and reputation of governor,” she said.

“There is no accurate source from the writer; I strongly challenge the writer because I am sure that the information gathered and published on Sudan Tribune does not have a relevant source for reference as a matter to avoid the biasness.”

There were several alleged reports recently that the governor has pocketed more than SSP2millioons from the national government transfer to the state, a statement which the minister says is misleading.

“The very people who are currently in custody are the ones accused of having done what is known very well to the public,” she said.

“The Secretary General of NBGS government, Garang Kuot Kuot and Sabrino MajokMajok, the former Director General of finance who were by then responsible to issuing cheques in the government accounts.”

The minister hwarned the public especially the constitutional post-holders against thinking that embezzlement is the only shortcut to get riches quickly.

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