WBGS MPs Lose Confidence In Finance Minister

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The move came after the state lawmakers thrice summoned Ms Rizik to explain the implementation of state financial year budget for 2013- 2014 but declined to do so according to the legislators without any clear documented reasons.

On Wednesday, the MPs said they have lost confidence in the minister, saying her absence from duty without clear reason makes them do so.

Last week, the state legislative assembly members led by Hon. Peter Andel, the state assembly chairperson for Finance and Economic planning moved an urgent summon for the Finance minister to appear before the August house.

She was expected to answer the questions about budget implementation.

Speaking to Gurtong after the sitting of the assembly members on Wednesday,  Hon. James Giir Wol said the 2013 -14 budget  which was passed by the assembly last year does not reflect the total amount received this year as a grant of January 2014.

He said the amount located in the budget to cover the state employees’ salaries was SSP3, 380,397 per month but the grant from the national Finance ministry was over SSP4, 116,000.

“On Wednesday after the minister’s failure to respond for the third call, the assembly resorted to the state transitional constitution article 78 sub-3 by moving a vote of no confidence against the minister,” Wol said.

The votes were sought by 34 members out 38 who were present in the house. Gurtong could not get any comment from the finance minister at the time of writing this article.

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