SPLM-Youth League Holds A Mass Mobilization Campaign In Yambio

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This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The team of SPLM officials was led by Hon. Daniel Awet Akot and three other members of the SPLM political bureau.

Hon. Awet urged the youth in Yambio to support the elected government and preach the gospel of peace and harmony within the communities of WES. On his part, the SPLM Youth League chairman Akol Paul Kordit urged the youth to unite in the interest of peace despite ideological and tribal differences. 

Akol urged the youth to avoid hate language and tone of tribalism in South Sudan. He further discouraged the youth from joining the cycle of war, saying the leaders fighting the Juba government have their children and women outside the war-torn new nation.

“Do not allow yourself to join war because the leaders of rebellion have no children or women present in South Sudan to suffer with you.  The rebellion leaders send their children and women outside the country for a better life,” he said.

The youth leader was also not kind to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) for what he called “being unfaithful” to the democratically elected government.

“UNMISS, shame on you for smuggling arms to rebels.  Keep of your hands off our internal affairs,” he bemoaned.  “Those dying in South Sudan are not white people.  They are black people from South Sudan. We are a nation although we are a very poor nation. You respect sovereignty.

“Our mothers, children, elderly people and youth are seeking development and not war without objective. We need education, health and agriculture and not war.” The rally was among others attended by WES Governor Joseph Bakasero and the state SPLM chairperson Jemma Nunu Kumba. 

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