Warrap’s Twic County Calm After Random Gun Shooting

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Dhel said soldiers clashed at an area near Majak-Kol on Friday night but no causalities have been reported.

“At night around 10:20pm, our forces deployed at hotspot in Twic County stopped a car coming from Majak-Kol carrying soldiers. The driver ignored the security instructions which prompted the soldier on duty to shoot at the vehicle,” he said.

According to the minister, the random shooting created panic among the citizens living in the area.

“The soldiers responded into random shooting in the area creating panic among the civil population. So far the state is calm and people are exercising the life activities normally.

“We are keeping and monitoring the movement of the enemy in our common borders and developing security situation in Abyei,” he said.

Last week, a group of armed men believed to have come from Unity State attacked Turalei Town of Twic County in Warrap state taking along thousands of herds of cattle.

Reports show that the disputed Abyei region is experiencing security threats as the Sudan’s nomadic Misseriya tribesmen crossed the Sudan – South Sudan borders into Abyei area in search of grazing land.

Warrap State also is also experiencing security challenges in the areas bordering the neighbouring Unity State.

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