15 People In Rumbek Killed In Revenge Attack

The revenge clashes in the remote jungle of Malual-acuooth erupted between two sections of Kook-awach and Kook-ker Pacuar over the killing of teachers of Mathiang Primary School in August last year.

One called Manier Mapuor Agok suspected to have killed the two teachers last year allegedly sparked the revenge attack since the state government failed to bring him to book.

A senior officer in South Sudan police services in Rumbek East County who requested for anonymity said at least 15 people from both sides of Kook-awach and Kook-ker have been killed.

“There are dozens of people who sustained gunshot wounds undergoing treatment in separate hospitals,” he added. According to an eyewitness, the revengeful killing came as a result of the state government’s failure to combat civilian clashes. “It is very unbelievable our government did not send police or SPLA to separate the fight – those civilians fought themselves and got tired.”

Inter-clan clashes have lately intensified in Lakes state over the past week.  Over 34 people have been reportedly killed and more than 20 people injured after another violence recently broke out at a remote cattle camp at Wunthou in Tiaptiap payam [district] about 80km from Cueibet. Sticks and firearms were used during the clashes between the Waat and Panyar clans of the Dinka Gok tribe, with a dispute about over a girl.

Multiple sources told Gurtong that clashes erupted in Kuel-Kuac between pastoralists after they had been provoked by soldiers in the area, a claim Gurtong could not independently verify.

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