NBGS Legislative Assembly Approves Health Policy Statement

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The minister expressed gratitude to the legislators for their support during the policy review in thoroughly scrutinising the statement. While presenting the statement and ministry work plan, he announced plans of recruiting young blood into the state civil service.

“I planned for new recruits which I believe are a backbone of work. In every work, budget matches with Human Resources and HR matches with Human Health,” he said. “So, what remains here is the issue of adding enough manpower to implement the endorsed policy statement.”

The minister however expressed concern over straining of Aweil Civil Hospital resources, being the only referral health facility in the area which he said increases workload on the few medics there.

The State Assembly urged the minister to strengthen the Primary Health Care Units (PHCUs) by furnishing them with more drugs to decrease the huge burden on the main civil hospital. Hon. Tong pledged to work hard in addressing the request of the state legislators in strengthening and stocking PHCUs with adequate drugs.

Recently, during a visit to the state, South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir pledged the renovation of Aweil Civil Hospital to meet the public needs of NBGS. However, this renovation is yet to be seen.

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