Fresh Cueibet Revenge Attack Leaves 10 Dead

According to local police in Cueibet County, the conflict between Waat and Panyar sections in Cueibet County resumed on Wednesday, leaving over 10 people dead and 34 others nursing gunshot injuries.

“10 people were confirmed dead and 23 people with a gunshot wound in Panyar side, and five people were confirmed dead 11 people with a gunshot wounds at Waat side – the general total of dead people from Wednesday is 15 people confirmed killed and 28 people with gunshot wounds,” said the police officer.

Inter-clan clashes have intensified in Lakes state over the past week, with 34 people reportedly killed and more than 20 people injured after violence broke out at a remote cattle camp at Wunthou in Tiaptiap payam (district) about 80km from Cueibet.

Cueibet MP Veronica Ujuma Philip Dak blamed the government for not quelling the revenge killing in the state. “Suspected Agaar pastoralists raided cattle from Alel cattle camp of Yirol West Tuesday,” Mou Magok, youth member from Yirol West County said.

“The cattle owners pursued the raiders until they retrieved some (cattle). The same people went around 1:00 am in the village called Rakic in Geer payam of Yirol West County and killed a young girl and wounded a three-month child.”

One only identified as Ayiei from Rumbek East County of Lakes state said that they attacked Yirol West youth because it is a stronghold of the caretaker Governor Maj-Gen Matur Dhut Dhuol. “I have option to raise our voices through a gunshot so that the president will hear us quickly,” he lamented.

“We were arrested in Langcok and were abused – I cannot produce a kid anymore because I was badly beaten and I was told Telar will present the case to president but he did not do so.”

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