Warrap State IDPs Receive Food Donation

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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This is part of part of the support to Internal Displace Persons (IDPS) who have been affected by the three months of the devastating conflict in the new nation. 

State Director of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Mr. Benjamin Yaathdit Wol, told Gurtong that 38 metric tons of an assortment food items received and would help address humanitarian relief IDPs in Warrap’s Twic County.

“We have received two trucks loaded with diverse food items from office of the vice president through the Crisis Management Committee,” said Wol.

According to Yaathdit the assorted food items which include flour, oil and lentils among others, have been distributed to most vulnerable children and elderly among the displaced people from Unity state currently stationed at Twic County of Warrap state.

“We have distributed this food items to 700 vulnerable people in Agany displaced camp in Twic County,” he said.

He admitted although a number of vulnerable people in Agany displaced camp benefited from VP’s food assistance but said more are still needed. “This is not enough, we still have outsized number of vulnerable people in terrible need of assistance in other displaced camps in the state,” said Yaathdit,” he said.

 “Warrap state is at present hosting over 17000 IDPs from unity state, those who denied this authenticity should come over and be witnesses themselves.”

He said that there are four main displaced camps in Twic County namely Agany, Manangui, Manawan and Pagai housing IDPs in Warrap state.

This is not the first time IDPs from unity state in Warrap state received assistance from Juba. Last month South Sudan’s first lady Mary Ayen Mayardit, donated 50 tons of food and none food items to both IDPs and SPLA soldiers wounded recently by rebels in Unity state.

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