EES Parliament Approves New Budget

Hon. Severino Maira Janus, Acting Speaker of parliament presided over Monday session during which the budget was almost unanimously approved. [Gurtong| Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

The budget stands at a tune of SSP220, 497,623 and is expected to be implemented immediately since its approval delayed for a long time. Hon. Dominic Otwari Theodore, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Specialized Committee of Finance and Economic Development and Public Accounts presented the budget to the August House.

Hon. Bilal Kenyi Aventore moved a motion calling for approval which was seconded by Hon. Anjela Ajana Pio, with the entire legislators in approval. The state legislature urged the executive arm of the government to urgently execute the new budget.

The Acting Speaker Hon. Severino Maira Janus, who presided over Monday’s sitting, said the delay in passing the state budget resulted from the current crisis in the country which he said also affected other states.

He regretted the delay but urged the entire state to appreciate it, saying it will make a difference during the short period as in July a new budget will have to be passed.   Deliberation of the budget was twice postponed following the sudden death of two state legislators Hon. Irene Peter and Marko Lokorae recently.

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