NBGS: “Hungry” Rebels Loot Mayom-Kuol Village

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Honorable William Wel Deng, an MP in the county, confirmed the incident and cautions local residents to take care in their movement over the weekend, as he suspects the rebels may remain in the area.

“I would like to inform the local residents of Aweil and … of this country that rebels loyal to former vice President Riek Machar attacked, surrounding Mayom-kuol village, looting the village with almost all consumable foodstuffs and are still present within the area. This afternoon, on Friday and they are likely still scattered around the area”, the lawmaker confirmed, adding that no casualties had been reported for either side. 

According to legislator, more than unknown 100 rebels are said to have been seen in the village with one person from the area, Deng Geng Mabuoch, who reportedly joined the rebels early this month. The majority of the attackers are suspected to be those who rebelled in Mapel military barracks two months ago, entered NBGS while trying to escape towards Sudan’s border, but were blocked by the SPLA. They are said to be simply looking for food as they have spent weeks within the deep forests without supplies.

The legislator warned the public not to resist giving up their foodstuffs if attacked, but rather give them in exchange for their safety. He also urged the public to avoid unnecessary movement in those affected and nearby villages, until the SPLA arrives to intercept the attackers. “stay in your homes until the situation comes to calm”. Hon. Wel said.
Hon. Wel Deng said the victims of the lootings had not yet been fully confirmed, but that he had heard so far of two affected households “They surrounded the households of Mathiang Mathiang Wieu with his children and Mou Mou Wieu with his entire family too.” 

According to the commissioner of Aweil North County, Kuol Athuai Hal, the incident was minor and was repulsed with ease while noting the county to be calm and normal. “This was a small incident where a group of rebels came to look for foodstuff in one of the villages, where they looted and returned back to where they came from. They were very few in numbers but not counted how many, they were chased by SPLA and they are still being followed”, Kuol confirms.

At the time of publication, the rebel group remained at large.

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