Bashir Pledges Himself To Peace And Support Of The South Sudan

"Now”, he said, “sceptics are still doubting we will carry out this referendum peacefully but we will prove then wrong once again!”

Sudan President Omar Hassan al Bashir said in Juba today he is committed to lasting peace with the South and that the North will give it all the support it needs for development.

Whatever the people of the South decide in the coming referendum, he said, will be respected by his government and that he will be the first to recognise an independent South.

President Bashir stressed that the relationship between the people of South and of the North are eternal and can only be enriched through peace not war. “In war”, he said, “only bullets fly about” and that without peace, no development can be achieved.

He also stressed that the NCP and SPLM have proved sceptics wrong by sticking to the peace agreement

“No one expected the Sudanese to reach this far in peace. Now sceptics are still doubting we will carry out this referendum peacefully but we will prove them wrong once again!” said the Sudanese leader.

President Bashir is due to return to Khartoum sometime this afternoon to face northern political opponents who, led by Dr Hassen al Turabi, have declared peaceful rebellion against his government in demonstrations soon after the referendum which they expect will result into two countries.

As for South Sudanese, they will now feel assured that there will be no more threats from the North and will be left alone to vote in peace in the coming referendum to determine their future.

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