Senior Japanese Citizens Volunteer To Cleanup Nuclear Plant

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Following the blast at Fukushima Nuclear Plant, The Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima have volunteered to work at the plant by replacing the young workers. The Skilled Veterans Corps comprises of 500 retired senior citizens. They have proposed to work in monitoring radiation levels. The replacement has been termed as dangerous as well as courageous.

The basic idea behind their volunteer work is that the nuclear plant was created by their generation, therefore they should take responsibility for it.

The Skilled Veterans Corps were formed by an old man called Yasuteru Yamada who is 72 years old.

He is an engineer who had worked around industrial plants his entire life. His decision to form a group of senior volunteers was based on the view that people who had finished raising their families and are at the end of their lives should work under the dangerous conditions that prevail at the nuclear plant, instead of youngsters who would be putting their lives in danger under the radiations.

According to Yamada, the situation after the March 11 incident was very fragile and they were being immensely downplayed by the government.

Yamada has said, “We won’t completely replace younger workers. But for work that doesn’t require brute strength, we can fill in, where the radiation is especially high.”

Yamada’s team has managed to collect a sum of $100,000 in donations making use of social media. After much ado, the Japanese government Tokyo Electric Power Plant have permitted the Skilled Veterans Corps to visit the site.

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