Rescue teams have sent 13 survivors to hospitals in Lahore

The unfortunate event early this morning that took place in a factory in Lahore has killed two, including a 10 year old boy. 13 victims have been successfully saved and sent to hospitals in Lahore for treatment. Some have been seriously injured and are being operated at the moment whereas some had minor injuries and are glad to see their loved ones in this lifetime.

The reason of the collapse of the three-storied factory was a gas explosion which landed into the complete fall out of the factory as well as two houses in the surrounding.

Local population and rescue teams reached the location in no time and started the rescue operation. Emergency team officials spoke to the media and informed that the rescue operation is taking time because they are unsure if there are more survivors in the rubble and therefore cannot cut through the rubble aggressively.

Speaking to a private news channel, the head of the emergency team also pointed out that its taking time to transport heavy machinery to the factory due to narrow streets. One of the city officials, Ahad Cheema, spoke to media and said, “The factory was supposed to be sealed. We will investigate why it was still running.”

At the time of coalition, there were 45men and 17 women working in the factory. Rescue teams are still working towards finding more survivors from the rubble.

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