US making an effort to ease the tension between Pakistan and USA

With the recent news flashing from here and there, it appears that the United States is finally making an effort to ease the tension between the two countries.

One of the media reports highlighted that the US is thinking over apologizing to Pakistan on the 26th November incident which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. According to the recent updates on the New York Times, top American officials are also considering to send an American authoritative figure to Paki land to apologize and break up the harshness between the old allies.

The report also mentioned that a general from Pentagon, most probably US Central Commander General James N Mattis, will be arriving in Pakistan soon to meet up the Army leadership of Pakistan and talk on peace building and improving the relationship between the two countries.

The newspaper published, “The state department is supporting a proposal circulating in the administration for the United States to issue a formal apology for the deaths of the Pakistani soldiers in the November 26 airstrike by American gunships. We’ve felt an apology would be helpful in creating some space”.

Reports have also stated that Ahmed Mukhtar, the Defence Minister has also pushing the government to consider negotiating ties with the USA and reopen Nato supplies to strike a better deal for the future.

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