Sanjay Aggarwal summoned by DGCA for prompt salary disbursements

The CEO of Kingfisher Airlines has been called for a meeting by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to speak on the delayed salary issue of the employees.

According to various sources, the airlines cancelled 58 out of the 135 schedules flights from six major cities on Sunday and the number of cancelled flights increased on Monday. Witnessing the worrisome situation, DGCA has called for a meeting with Mr. Aggarwal Tuesday morning to discuss the matter and figure out a solution other than burdening the aviation with cancelled flights.

The issue has risen in context to non-payment of salaries to employees who are now resigning. Staff members resigning include pilots as well as other operational staff. The non-payment of salaries controversy of the operational staff and the top management has been going on for a while but due to no conclusion drawn, the employees are resigning and joining other low-paying airlines.

One of the staff members registered their protest saying, “In nine days, it will be three months since many of us have been paid. This despite repeated assurances from the Chairman through emails that salaries will be paid by a particular date. When the promised date approaches, another mail is sent from the airline but no payments are made”.

The delay in the payments is due to some of significant accounts of Kingfisher Airlines being frozen by Income Tax authorities.

The CEO, Mr. Aggarwal has made another announcement asking for a week’s time before the salaries are given to the employees but the confidence of the employees is shattered and dozens continue to resign.

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