Sindh’s railway tracks under attack

A minimum of 14 home-made small blasts were heard at various junctions blowing up railway tracks all across Sindh, disrupting the entire railway system of the province.

Saturday morning, a series of blast took place in Sindh affecting the railway transportation system from Ghotki till Karachi. Railway tracks have been severely affected, specially the tracks of Kotri, Khairpoor, Ghotki, Hyderabad, Bin Qasim, Pud Eaidun, and Nawabshah.

The blasts started with twin-bomb explosions in a rural area of Nawabshah before the authorities realized that the entire main railway track line was under attack starting from Long Khan Kiario village. The second serious of blasts were heard in the Bin Qasim area in Hyderabad where about 2 feet long track was completely blown into pieces. Soon after, more blast damaged the tracks in Latifabad area of Hyderabad in merely two hours.

Similar railway track disruptions were reported from Ghotki, Pun Eaidun, Bin Qasim, and Kotri.

Following the series of blasts targeting the railway system of Sindh, railway officers stopped all trains in and out of Sindh. Precautionary measures to avoid any further attacks have been taken. No casualties have been reported although the intensity of the blasts reported was quite high.

Investigation teams have sealed off the attacked areas and are carrying out their operations for further details and to make sure no more similar events take place in the province.

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