Estrada announces to accept Justice Sereno as a witness

Senate Pro Jose Estrada once again made it clear to the prosecution on Tuesday that the impeachment court will not issue a subpoena to the Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. He further clarified that it is the responsibility of the house of prosecution to do so if they require her to testify.

He announced so speaking to the media quite a few hours before the impeachment court was preparing for the hearing of Justice Corona trial. He said, “We are not inclined to subpoena Justice Sereno, in fact, what we recommended is for the prosecution to invite her personally and we will accept her as a witness.”

He further added that she should preferably testify on her own. However, if she does not wish to do so, the house of prosecution should invite her for the testimony since her testimony will most probably strengthen the case of prosecution.

Ms. Sereno has gained significance in the Corona trial due to the testimony recorded by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima who majorly based her testimony on the differing opinion of Justice Sereno regarding the TRO issued to restrict the ex-president Ms. Arroyo and her husband to travel as per instructions of the Department of Justice.

Furthermore, Estrada acknowledged that Justice Sereno will have to seek permission from the SC to testify since as per regulations of the high court, no justice or worker of the high court is allowed to testify in any of the cases.

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