Arrival of Indonesian maids delayed

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Ministry of Human Resources has made a statement Tuesday morning declaring that the arrival of Indonesian maids has been delayed for a month since the maids have yet not completed the 200 hours training sessions.

The deputy minister of Human Resources Datuk Maznah Mazlan has said that the delay will only be for a month as that’s the time required for their training since they cannot be brought to Malaysia without proper training. The first batch of maid which was supposed to arrive on March 1st is now going to land in the country on April 1st.

Ms. Maznah said, “The first batch of 128 maids who have completed their training will come here next month. There should not be any problem as they have been taught our culture, religious values and other disciplines”.

She also gave her comments on the proposed ban on domestic helpers being sent to Malaysia by Indonesia after the reports of allegedly abusing two Indonesian domestic helpers by some senior government officer surfaced. Indonesian government had imposed the ban in 2009 initially after similar cases of abuse on domestic helpers from Indonesia sent to Malaysia were reported. The ban had only been lifted in December the previous year.

Maznah said that the ministry will take proper care of the domestic helpers brought in from Indonesia who will be given fair wages and treated appropriately. She further added, “The MoU includes a comprehensive system to protect both maids and employers from the time the domestic worker arrives in Malaysia to when her contract ends”.

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