Aslam Gills status equal to minister, PM

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani spoke to the media on Monday declaring that he has appointed Aslam Gill as his special assistant and Aslam Gill’s office will hold the status of a state minister.

The PM made the announcement speaking to a media gathering in Mir Pur Khas. He also said that Aslam Gill could not become a state minister due to some of the party members backing out to support him at the last minute. However, he very well deserved to be a part of the cabinet.

Aslam Gill is a party member of Pakistan’s People Party (PPP) who contested for the cabinet elections recently but lost due to not getting enough votes. Compensating Aslam Gill for what PM’s party members did, Gillani announced on Monday morning to appoint him as his special assistant with the protocol of a state minister.

Speaking about other matters at the occasion, PM also said that he has big plans set of Azad and Jammu Kashmir and that they are as much a part of Pakistan as any other province. He announced that the government is planning on construction of an airport, a grid station, and a high class Information Technology University in Mir Pur. He also sanctioned a grant worth 10 million to the local press club in Mir Pur.

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