Gloria Arroyo cannot be suspended, majority leader

The leader of House Majority Neptali Gonzales II announced on Wednesday that the Pampanga Representative and the ex-President of Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cannot be suspended from office due to the petition from the prosecutor of the government.

Elaborating further on his comments, he said that a representative can only be suspended from the office if there is a majority vote against the concerned representative of misconduct committed at the time the representative was in the office. He said that Gloria Arroyo cannot be suspended over her previous graft cases and she will need a majority of vote from the House of Representative against her. They will not just implement suspension over the request put forward by the government prosecutors.

He gave details on the matter in a text message which said, “The House has been consistent that a member can only be suspended for misconduct in office committed during his or her incumbency as member of the House. Congressman Arroyo is being prosecuted for acts she allegedly committed before she became congresswoman. Therefore, beyond the jurisdiction of the House ethics committee. This is in compliance with the Constitution. Hence, even if Sandiganbayan suspends her, it will not be implemented by the House.”

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