Nurpur arrest warrant extended, Aarushi case

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The court of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) announced on Wednesday that the date of the arrest warrants of Nurpur Talwar has been extended till 30th April.

The court announced that the arrest warrant date for Nupur Talwar has been extended. She is accused of twin murders, her daughter Aarushi and their domestic helper Hamraj. CBI informed the court that they do not intend to arrest the accused before there is some decision made on her plea submitted to the Supreme Court regarding a special leave and said that therefore the date of arrest warrant against Nurpur should be extended. In case, she does not get the decision of the plea filed in her favor, she will be arrested immediately. They also informed that the last deadline of the arrest warrant was going to expire today therefore they needed a fresh arrest warrant for the accused.

Priti Singh, special magistrate, also commented that CBI cannot arrest Talwar till the time her plea is in the Supreme Court. The apex court did not announce a decision on the request of the CBI but adjourned the hearing of the case till 30th April, when the date of the next arrest warrant will be decided.

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